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Presently teaching weekly Barre, Suspension Sculpt, BarreX, and Vinyasa Flow classes at Truve and Hot Spot Yoga Oakland.

What Clients Are Saying:

"We are so lucky to have Andrea come in and teach yoga at our corporate offices! Her level of expertise allows her to teach a class that speaks to all levels of yoga practitioners, from beginner to more challenging poses for advanced practitioners. It is truly a privilege to have her provide us with yoga and more work/life balance – I, and many others, look forward to it every week!" -A.M.B.R.

"I have attended Andrea's barre, barre X, and yoga classes. Although I have tried barre and yoga before with other instructors and studios, Andrea's classes have been my favorite and have helped motivate me to more consistently attend fitness classes. Andrea is an amazing teacher-- always encouraging, clearly communicating movements and describing what muscles you should feel working. On top of it all, I love her selection of music. -A.F.

"The evening barre classes with Andrea are my favorite in the Bay Area. She is a compassionate and inspiring teacher, and I have become stronger and more flexible taking these classes." -Yelp Reviewer A.W.

"Andrea has a magical way of making you feel like you're getting an easy workout when in reality your tiniest muscles are being worked over and over and over. Her chill, positive, and professional teaching style makes an hour spent with her a rewarding one." -E.S.

"Andrea is a highly skilled and attentive teacher. I came to her class after a painful knee injury, and she welcomed me with a warm smile and took the time to show me modifications for practice. As a massage therapist with a working knowledge of the body, I am particular about the classes I attend. Andrea’s sequences not only help build strength and endurance, they’re also therapeutic and designed to facilitate greater functional movement. In fact, I have less pain and greater range of motion overall since I’ve been attending class more regularly. To top it off, she has great taste in music and she’s fun to talk to. I give Andrea my highest recommendation — her classes are an experience that should not be missed!"" -J.G.

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